Multi-level Float Switches

Multi-level Float Switches

All of the switches in this category are built around the 10-782 float switch. The 10-782 incorporates design enhancements not found in similar products. When you take a close look at this float switch you will find nearly perfect parts and nearly perfect assembly which tells you that quality is built in.

The switch has a square stem which keeps contact between the float body and stem to a minimum. This is an important feature that allows the float to scoot up and down the stem on knife edges. The float body encounters the lowest possible friction which is an important consideration in any circumstances that could lead to a float sticking.

All of our float switch assemblies have smooth surfaces which make them ideal for the potable water and beverage industries because they are easy to keep clean and free from bacteria.

Typical applications of these switches are: soft drinks dispensers, R0 water dispensers, ice cream machines, food warmers, coffee makers, chemical etching machines, film processors, poultry feeders, copy machines, dish washers, equipment lubricators, fuel tanks......

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